SS18 “Playful Summer” Collection

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Playful Summer

Happiness, curiosity and expectation: A new season lies ahead! Nature awakes and turns foliage green again after its long beauty-sleep, ready to amaze us with a tremendous spectrum of colours. Fields burst with flowers and you find yourself strolling close to the red wall of the summer house, warmed by the sunlight, the feeling is pure joy!

Ewa i Walla’s Spring/Summer 2018 Collection gives you “Playful Summer” with more flowers, dots and stripes than ever! A collection full of life and colours all printed on different fabrics to create beautiful garments, amazing to wear piece by piece or mixed together for that spectacular look.

New, bold and fresh but still with its roots in the surrounding area of Hälsingland, this collection gives each wearer the opportunity to choose their own personal look with a variety of models in carefully selected fabrics and prints for each garment.

“Playful Summer” presents our well-known crisp cotton with yet another dazzling flower print, both light and romantic, invoking the impression of watercolour. Perfect for all those long summer nights or to give your home a fresh, summery look …

Our delightful voile comes in various styles with a colourful print mixed in blue and raspberry red, to give the models that classic Ewa i Walla touch – layer upon layer.

This season’s slub cotton jersey brings you garments for a cool and relaxed everyday life. This fabric comes in the accent colour raspberry red, which is also perfect to combine with this season’s flower prints. Pin striped linen and striped cotton twill give the garments that urban and citified look, but are both also still featured in blue and cream for a summer classic feeling.

New for this season is viscose, represented in playful, yet romantic dots with its flowing characteristics, give the perfect quality for the myriad warm summer days. This season’s colours Blue, Raspberry Red, Vintage Black, Cream and White together with the variation of prints, flowers and dots combined together – give you the opportunity to be different and unique, offers you a playful wardrobe, and a Playful Summer… Enjoy!

Please email if you would like to pre-order any items before being released for general sale

And here’s a video of our friend Madeleine previewing some of the collection – Madeleine Lee

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