Jeanne D’arc Clothing

We have a new designer on board! We think this small collection complements Ewa I Walla perfectly as shown in the photos below. We have just a blouse in Powder or Black, an equisite jersey and lace dress and 2 different Bloomer lace trim Leggings.

“Jeanne d’Arc Living was founded in 2004. In the beginning they wrote freelance articles for Danish and international children’s, interior decorating and lifestyle magazines. Then as now, their little niche and greatest passion is the Nordic country style – with a dash of French inspiration. When they first began, this trend was not nearly as popular as it has become today. ”

Have a look at the items we have available – simply irresistible – especially when you see the prices!!! £25 through to £85 only

You can buy these beautiful items from our Online Shop here – Jeanne D’arc

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