AW17 “Fisherman’s Daughter” Collection

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Returning to visit her father’s cottage, the peaceful feeling of something familiar and joyful embraces her as she walks around the old fishing village. Back again to the well-known surroundings, back to the place where each day was an adventure, walking on new paths with endless days of discovering and exploring everything…

The sun is rising on this wintry morning and the reflection in the snow makes everything stunning and the feeling delightful. Walking down the creaky steps, looking out the window… Everything is smaller than she remembers. After travelling the world, the feeling of being home fills her heart with joy. Strolling along the promenade, seeing the fishermen’s old equipment resting on the shore, the fresh air from the sea fills her with happy thoughts – memories and a feeling of belonging, being at home…

Ewa i Walla’s Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection “Fisherman’s Daughter” gives you a marvellous selection of models in carefully selected fabrics, suitable for each style. This season brings you yet another fabulous print on our crisp cotton, this time with both flowers and stripes together to give you the perfect mix of romance and urban styling. The silk comes in black or with an exciting new edgy print that brings the unexpected to the collection.

And for the brave women out there, we give you a bold dot in Black on cream or reversed – cream on black – for that daring look, on classic and dramatic Ewa i Walla design, this season’s favourite! Get warm and comfortable with layers of jersey or try our checked cotton with its soft, brushed surface. Put on a pair of jeans to combine the everyday outfit. For outdoor adventures, we’ve created the perfect warm knitted wool and magnificent wool jackets to layer on top.

This season we give you the opportunity to choose between two different looks: Herringbone wool in a beautiful shade of grey represents the classic suit with an Ewa i Walla touch and the consummate fabric in black wool featuring romantic, fitted coats with more edgy jackets. For special occasions, we present dreamlike, luxurious garments in organza with a detailed lace design on a beautiful printed lace with flowers. We also offer home décor with the same exclusive touch for you to purchase curtains or pillowcases in the same quality. This season’s colours bark, black, khaki and cream combined in different patterns and fabrics gives the wearer the opportunity to make a unique expression and the possibility to shine, enjoy!

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