About Us

Berenice.me.uk is the one of the main UK stockists of the wonderful Swedish designer Ewa i Walla.

Welcome to our website…  it has been designed specifically for people who enjoy wearing clothes that display a sense of the past, romance, fortune and a little baroque thrown in and made with passion.  Whilst Ewa i Walla has been and continues to be our primary designer, we also carry one off pieces from Magnolia Pearl, Pendragon Shoes, Nadir and Loren Lace.

We are committed to finding the very best from each season of these designers and also to finding other designers who are part of this genre of clothing.

Lastly, it’s our hope that our website will allow us to share our knowledge and experiences of beautiful clothing from around the world!

Please feel free to contact us – we’d love to hear from you!

Kind Regards,